About LBDI

The Liberian Bank for Development and Investment was created by an Act of the National Legislature in 1961 under the joint initiative of major international financial institutions that purchased equity in the Bank.

It commenced operations in 1965 as the Liberian Bank for Industrial Development and Investment. Under an amendment in 1974, the name was changed to the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI).

A further amendment in 1988 allowed the Bank to engage in commercial banking activities, to complement its development objectives.

Our Mission

In a free enterprise economy such as in Liberia there always is a compelling need to provide incentives to simulate the flow of private investment capital and fuel the engine of national and international trade. Foremost among the incentives which the Government of Liberia considered to be imerative in pursuance of this goal was the creation of a financial institution (LBDI) that would:

Facilitate the creation and expansion of small, medium, and large scale productive businesses such as Agro, Industrial and Service(including Tourism Enterprises)

Provide increased goods and services for the rapidly growing consumption requirements of the economy.

Our Goals

Our Corporate Goals and Objectives are

Restore the capacity of LBDI to provide medium and long term loans for development oriented projects through the mobilization of domestic foreign resources.

Assist in the revival of the key sectors of the economy to create jobs, reduce poverty, and encourage the efficient use of the country's human and natural resources.

Ensure profitability and sustainable operations to achieve business growth, significant market share, and returns/value to all stakeholders(customers, staff and shareholders).



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